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Seems we are the most assinine species Nature created. We are devolving not evolving.

The depletion of T-cell function is perfectly designed to negate the value of vaccines, and promote factories of mutants.

As I've expressed to you, AJ, it's seeding and fertilizing the soil ahead of its propagation.

I'm as far removed from a conspiracy theorist vas Pluto from Earth....

But, I remain circumspect of its origins.


Shitshow in a secured Lab?

Catastrophe of Nature?

I'm just a Clinician... We go in to mop up the mess.

Thanks for inviting me to this this Party🥳🎉

Happy New Year from the unprotected underbelly of the globe🤦🏻‍♂️

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Jan 1, 2023Liked by Anthony J Leonardi, MBBS, PhD

"T cells have not saved us from Covid-19. In fact, someone needs to save the T cells from Covid-19."

We are about to get our collective asses kicked. Over and over again, and every time the kicking is going to do more damage.

Happy New Year and thank you for everything. Sincerely.

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"The CDC itself has shown absolute capitulation, with its leadership claiming little can be done to prevent the onslaught."

I tend to agree, but Walensky inherited a disaster. Redfield may not have created the disaster, but that administration, seeking to slash funding, was a major contributor, and Redfield was singularly unsuited to the job. CDC, however, has decades of experience being a political football. For the record, I wasn't a Redfield fan from the date of his appointment.

Both CDC and FDA need to revert to being led by scientists who are brought up in their systems and are experts therein: Real Live Subject Matter Experts, who are familiar with the respective agencies, and respected by the rank and file of those agencies. And they need to be sufficiently independent to not have to worry about what the politicians want to project as reality, but rather, to tell the public what's really happening, and what they need to hear.

We've seen significant damage to public health as a working system. The previous administration was either a cause or significant contributor to that, and the current one isn't directly contributing but has done little bolster its image, importance or funding. We shall see if the new personnel changes at CDC have a positive... or null... effect. As a registered pessimist, I'm not convinced we'll see much improvement for 3-5 years, perhaps longer.

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Dr. Leonardi...Forgive me if this is a dumb question...but one must consider the source. So, you have eloquently revealed presciently early and often that T-Cells are harmed by this facinorous virus.

Do we know how badly T-cells are harmed? How badly is their activity attenuated? Do we know? What capabilities does the adaptive immune system maintain against this virus? Anyway, if you feel inspired by this question, a post on this topic would be interesting (at least to me)

The virus seems to do such a good job downregulating components of the immune system, one wonders what is left in the arsenal?

Thanks for doing what you do. I wonder how many lives you've saved? None too few, I suspect.

And from the Bird Site...who would have thunk it?

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Look at what Drosten has said in a recent interview. Kids with advanced aging of the adaptive immune system, and who knows to what extent it reverts? He has not addressed this, but what good is reversion if the insult is so frequent?

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